Finca Temática Cafetera Las Mercedes


Finca Temática Cafetera Las Mercedes in Colombia, is a small piece of paradise with an exuberant growth of trees, flowers, colorful birds, fruits and the place where we grow our specialty coffee. 


Our farm is an eco-tourism destination that offers a breathtaking panoramic scenery where you will see and experience where and how coffee grows in Colombia. Discover a different way to relax surrounded by mountain beauty, rustic amenities, outdoor adventure and attentive service at our farm. 


One of our main attractions is the three hour Coffee Journey Tour, where visitors can experience authetic Colombian culture and see where coffee grows.  This tour includes a visit to the work area and all the steps that coffee goes through since it's harvest until it reaches your cup.


Other entertainment options available at Finca Temática Cafetera Las Mercedes are eco-bicycle rides, camping experience, swimming pool, guided hiking tours in the mountains and many other activities. 


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